Terry Pratchett’s ‘The Fifth Elephant’ | by Stephen Briggs

Directed by Mark Preston

25th – 28th April and 2nd – 5th May 2018

Sam Vimes, the no-nonsense Commander of the Ankh-Morpork City Watch, is sent on a diplomatic mission to the Discworld equivalent of Transylvania, to negotiate with werewolves, dwarves and vampires and prevent an inter-species war. Accompanied by his wife, a troll and a dwarf from the Watch, a mysterious diplomat, and an undead servant, Vimes faces a battle for his life in the snowy mountain forests of Überwald …

April 2018 will see groups from all over the UK perform plays to mark Terry Pratchett’s 70th birthday, and Chelmsford Theatre Workshop will be proud to contribute to this anniversary event.


Tickets are £10 Concessions £9.00 (except Friday and Saturday.) Available from the Chelmsford Civic Theatre box office, by calling 01245 606505 or click HERE to book via the Chelmsford Theatres website.

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