Pre-Audition Readthrough: The Gut Girls By Sarah Daniels

Thursday 22nd November at 7:45pm at the Old Court Theatre. All welcome, you do not have to be a member of CTW to attend.

Performance dates: 2nd – 6th April.

The Gut Girls is a fantastic story set in the 1900s with a mixture of both comedy and drama.

Premiered at London’s Albany Empire in 1988 and set in Deptford at the turn of the century, this play traces the lives of the girls who work in the gutting sheds of the cattle market and how their lives are changed when the sheds are closed down. Although the girls are unwilling participants in a club founded by Lady Helena to find alternative employment, the results are not without tragic consequences.

Casting: 11 female and 6 male, however some roles can be doubled.

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At CTW Online, you can find out about our forthcoming auditions. But before we audition, we sometimes hold readthroughs to allow anyone who is interested to hear and read the play, and speak to the Director about the production. 

Not all plays will have readthroughs, and each individual Director will decide whether they want to have one or not. If they do, the details will be here.




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