Standard Tickets are £12, Concessions £10.00 (except Friday and Saturday) available online via our Ticketsource page or by calling Ticketsource on 0333 666 3366.

Please note that a fee of £2.00 is applied by Ticketsource to all telephone bookings. There is no fee for booking online.

Tickets are also available on the door at the Old Court Theatre from 45 minutes prior to the performance (cash and card payments accepted.)

Click on each of the plays below (where available) for more information:

What’s On


By Laura Wade. Directed by Corinne Woodgate. 30th August – 3rd September 2022.

In an oak-panelled room in Oxford, ten young bloods with cut-glass vowels and deep pockets are meeting, intent on restoring their right to rule. But this isn’t the last huzzah: they’re planning a takeover. Welcome to the Riot Club.


Be My Baby

By Amanda Whittington. Directed by Jacquie Newman 8th – 12th November 2022.

Set in a Mother and Baby Home in 1964 in the north of England and peppered with songs from the period, Be My Baby follows the fortunes of Mary Adams, aged 19, unmarried and seven months pregnant.


Goodnight Mr Tom

By Michelle Magorian and David Wood, directed by Iain Holding Sutton. 6th – 10th and 14th – 17th December 2022.

Set during the dark and dangerous build-up to the Second World War, Goodnight Mister Tom follows sad young William Beech, who is evacuated to the idyllic English countryside and builds a remarkable and moving friendship with the elderly recluse Tom Oakley.


Marriage Bureau

By Richard Kurti. Directed by Helen Quigley. 31st January – 4th February 2023.

This brand new play is based on the remarkable true story of the Marriage Bureau, adapted from Mary Oliver’s memoirs by Richard Kurti. Its successes, its failures and its clients are brought to life with humour and heart in this stage version of Mary’s witty and honest account.



By Bryony Lavery. Directed by Rebecca Skingley. 7th-11th March 2023.

Meet the couple every couple wants to be. Attractive and immaculately turned out, they are the perfect team. Tomorrow they will be in Stockholm, a city where, in summer, the sun shines 24/7 and sometimes it’s dark all day long. Treading a fine line between tenderness and cruelty, “Stockholm” reveals a relationship unravelling. It’s beautiful, but it’s not pretty. 


Going Postal

By Terry Pratchett, adapted by Stephen Briggs. Directed by Mark Preston. 19th – 22nd and 26th – 29th April 2023.

Moist von Lipwig was a con artist, a fraud and a man faced with a life choice: be hanged, or put Ankh-Morpork’s ailing postal service back on its feet.

In taking on the evil chairman of the Grand Trunk Semaphore Company, and a midnight killer, he’s got to keep the mail going and he’s also got to stay alive.


Casa de las Flores

Written and directed by Dan Segeth. 31st May – 2nd June 2023.


Not Such Stuff

By Chris Wind. Directed by Ria Milton. 4th-9th July 2023.

“Not Such Stuff” asks the question, what if Shakespeares women had a moment to address their lot in life, as imagined by their author? The answer: organise a press conference and set the record straight. No longer will they allow their author and the men in their stories to spread untruths about them, shove them away in corners, ignore them, or treat them like less than human beings. lt’s time for them to stand up and speak up.


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