Monday 6th & Tuesday 7th November 2017

All actors involved in Mad Forest will have at least two characters to work with. There are lots of different characters in the show, with a lot to get your teeth into.

All actors will be numbered, but these numbers are not listed by importance, as it is an ensemble cast.

There is no age limit for each character, myself and Richard will cast purely on how you showcase whichever acting role you decide to go for.

Where ‘Ensemble character’ is indicated, this is meant as a character that appears in one or two scenes throughout the play. These ensemble characters are incredibly important, as I see them as the glue that holds the play together.

Where ‘Verbatim character’ is indicated, this is meant as a character in the Verbatim Theatre section of the piece. The text that these characters speak was taken from real people that lived through the rebellion.

In this section, all actors will be required to speak with a Romanian accent. Dialect coaching will be provided for this by native Romanian speakers, we do not expect anyone to do this by themselves. There are sections (one sentence in length) that require you to speak in Romanian language. Again, we have dialect coaches in place to help you overcome the language barrier, so please don’t let this put you off.

If anyone would like more information about the characters, please email either myself ( and/or Richard (
Although the list of characters below looks like a lot, the amount of lines/time on stage is roughly going to be the same for everyone involved. Please, don’t be put off by the range of multi-role involved.

If you are cast, Richard and I will work with everyone individually and as a collective to ensure every actor is utilising each of his or her characters in the best fashion that is allied to the tone and style of the play. What I’m trying to say is, support will be given to everyone and you will not be left waiting to go on stage for half a rehearsal. We will keep you busy, as there is a lot to get through.

See below for the roles included for each actor:

Actor 1 (Male):
• Bogdan – An electrician, Head of the Vladu family.
• Toma – 8 year old boy, orphaned from the rebellion.
• Boy Student 1 – Verbatim character.

Actor 2 (Female):
• Irina – A tram drive, Bogan’s wife.
• Grandmother – Bogdan’s Mother, she is dead and appears as a ghost.
• Girl Student – Verbatim character.

Actor 3 (Female):
• Lucia – A Primary School teacher, daughter of Bogdan and Irina.
• Student Doctor – Verbatim character.

Actor 4 (Female):
• Florina – A nurse, daughter of Bogdan and Irina.
• Flower Seller – Verbatim character.

Actor 5 (Male):
• Gabriel – An engineer, son of Bogdan and Irina.
• Bulldozer Driver – Verbatim character.

Actor 6 (Female):
• Rodica – Gabriel’s wife.
• Flavia – Mihai’s wife.
• House Painter – Verbatim character.

Actor 7 (Male):
• Wayne – Lucia’s bridegroom, an American.
• Mihai – Head of the Antonescu family.
• Dog – Ensemble character.
• Translator – Verbatim character.

Actor 8 (Male):
• Grandfather – Bogdan’s Father.
• Old Aunt – Bogdan’s Aunt.
• Securitate Man – Ensemble character.
• Priest – Ensemble character.
• Vampire – Ensemble character.
• Someone with sore throat – Ensemble character.
• Soldier – Ensemble character.
• Soldier – Verbatim character.

Actor 9 (Male):
• Radu – An art student, son of Mihai and Flavia.
• Securitate Officer – Verbatim character.

Actor 10 (Male):
• Ianos – Ensemble character.
• Painter – Verbatim character.

Actor 11 (Male):
• Doctor – Ensemble character.
• Angel – Ensemble character.
• Patient – Ensemble character.
• Soldier – Ensemble character.
• Ghost/Waiter – Ensemble character.
• Boy Student 2 – Verbatim character.

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Note that in exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary for one or more 
characters to be assigned prior to auditions. There will always be advanced 
notice of this to avoid disappointment. Unless there is an exception 
clearly stated here, roles are not pre-determined.