Adapted by Carol Ann Duffy

Directed by Danny Segeth and James Christie


Thursday 3 March at 7.45pm at the theatre.


Everyman is a highly successful, wealthy, and popular person who has climbed the professional and social ladder while leading a life of modern debauchery, oblivious to the hurt, destruction and chaos left in his wake amongst family, friends, the environment and the world at large.

On Everyman’s 40th birthday, Death appears and calls time on the party. Forced to give an account of his life to God, Everyman flees to find someone, anyone to help defend him. But, as Death says, “The hour is later than you think”.

Everyman is a brilliant piece of modern theatre, but it is not for the faint- hearted. The play contains strong language and 1 piece of very strong language. The subject matter covered includes death, mortality, religion, homelessness, drug-use, environmental catastrophe and peril. It contains scenes depicting drug-use and alcohol consumption. It is not recommended for anyone who may experience trauma, upset or anxiety from these subjects.

Note that any gender identification will be considered for the role of Everyman, and there are around 10 roles in the play. More information will be published with the audition information.

Enquiries should be sent to Daniel Segeth at

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