THIS WEEK: 10th – 14th July 2018

 Directed by Ria Milton

‘From the Gods who sit in grandeur

grace comes somehow violent.’   Aeschylus


Tamsin packs boxes in a warehouse, on the clock, to a target, with a zero-hour contract. Her brother Dean is housebound, working to obsessive compulsive rituals of his own.

When Dean is declared fit for work, their benefits are cut. There are phone calls to make, appeals to lodge and endless forms to fill in. Tamsin must pack faster, work harder and fight to get the support she and her brother so desperately need.

Katherine Soper, with delicate and sensitively powerful writing, asks what our labour is worth and how can life be lived when the system is stacked against you?

CTW are proud to present the first amateur production of this award-winning play.


Dean Carmody: Alexander Bloom
Tamsin Carmody: Anastasia Spence
The Lead: Meg Rowsell
Luke Mburu: Max Taylor Saunders

The performance on Friday 13th July will be followed a Talkback and Meet The Author session.

Tickets are £10 Concessions £9.00 (except Friday and Saturday.) Available from the Chelmsford Civic Theatre box office, by calling 01245 606505 or click HERE to book via the Chelmsford Theatres website.

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