The Unexpected Guest | by Agatha Christie

27th September – 1st October 2016   |   7.45pm

When a stranger runs his car into a ditch in dense fog in South Wales and makes his way to an isolated house, he discovers a woman standing over the dead body of her wheelchair-bound husband, gun in her hand. She admits to murder, and the unexpected guest offers to help her concoct a cover story.

But is it possible that Laura Warwick did not commit the murder after all? If so, who is she shielding?  The house seems full of possible suspects.

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Cast: Corinne Woodgate, Andy Poole, Martin Warner, Steve Sutton-Holding, 
Colin Smith, Katie Allen, Caroline Blom-Brown, Andy Millward and Nick Mays
Directed by Iain Sutton-Holding

Directors Note

“I chose to an Agatha Christie piece because it’s an “edge of your seat” play which twists and turns! I’ve always loved watching Agatha Christie and felt I would love to produce one of her famous tales.

The cast in this play have tackled it with passion and determination, and will keep you guessing until the end! I hope the audience keep trying to work out who the murderer is right until the last moment, and talk about it even after the show has finished. It’s classic Christie, and a great British ‘whodunnit’ from start to finish.”

Iain Sutton-Holding  |  Director


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