EXTRA AUDITION: The House of Barnada Alba

Wednesday 14th August at 7.45pm at the Old Court Theatre.

Lorca’s seminal play was completed barely two months before he was assassinated in a fascist uprising, leading to the Spanish Civil War in 1936. The play has endured, with many productions finding the relationship between the domineering Bernarda Alba and her daughters fertile ground for bringing forward difficult truths centred around repression and the danger of an unremitting patriarchal influence on personal liberty and choice.  As a gay man, Lorca was mercilessly persecuted with regard to his own sexuality. This play, part of his “rural trilogy”, preceded by Blood Wedding and Yerma, poses unrelenting questions about how, even in death, men exert their influence on women and society.

Up to 17 roles available with opportunities for doubling. 10 main roles and up to 7 ensemble roles ( all women).

Playing ages (But not restricted to)

  • Bernarda ( 50 -65)
  • Maria ( 70-85)
  • Angustias (30-40)
  • Magdalena (30-35)
  • Amelia (23-30)
  • Martirio ( 20-25)
  • Adela (18-21)
  • La Poncia (60-65)
  • Prudencia (50-55)

The seven other roles can vary from 18-60. No prep needed, no Spanish accents required.

Can contact on richd28@googlemail.com or 07725783498 for info.

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Note that in exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary for one or more characters to be assigned prior to auditions. There will always be advanced notice of this to avoid disappointment. Unless there is an exception clearly stated here, roles are not pre-determined.

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