Technical Facilities

Last Updated - October 2012

Please note that this information is provided for general information only; as of October 2014, the Old Court Theatre is not available for hire.

The theatre is equipped with a gallery above and behind the auditorium which is spilt into two separate areas – sound & light. All lighting and sound electrical switching is controlled from the gallery. Communication between lighting, sound and the stage manager is via ASL belt packs powered by a Eurolight Power Supply from the gallery.The stage is 7.5mtrs wide by 4.5mtrs deep – with rostra for extensions if required. The stage is normally open but curtain track with tabs can be fitted if required.The theatre is licensed for 120 seats and has accessibility for wheel chair users.Neither a hearing loop nor an infrared hearing assist is provided although patrons with hearing difficulties can be seated closer to the acting area.



Zero 88 Bullfrog giving 48 channels (96 in wide mode) plus 24 channels of fixture control
2 DMX universes hard wired to gallery, stage & grid

Pulsar universal Interface

DMX connection interface

4 x 6 channel, patched, Green Ginger Racks plus 1 x Strand 24 channel hard wired dimmer.
48 Way Patch Panel plus 24 hardwired via the Strand dimmer.

Light Paint: 

Scroller power supply & distribution back stage – controlled from gallery.


Include Par Cans, Cantata PC’s, Harmonies, Preludes, 743s, Profiles, Floods,  Scrollers -11 colours (XLR 4pin), Pacifics & 1 x CCT Silhouette Follow Spot.


4 x Mirror Scanners; 2 x Studio 250 moving heads; 5 x 6 channel Stratos LED floods


The Grid allows full stage lighting plus “in the round” and reverse set up of lighting in the auditorium or combinations of all or any.68 x 15 amp sockets in the grid including 12 paralleled on stage at floor level.

DMX outputs in the grid both on stage and above the auditorium.

6 x 16 amp non-dimmed blue sockets in the grid switched from the gallery.


2 x LCD HD quality projectors are available for image/video projection

1x Panasonic 2,500 luminaires projector on & above the fore-stage, which can be positioned to project on selected stage areas

1x Sanyo 5000 luminaires projector with standard lens, fitted on the balcony of the gallery; this can provide up to a 35ft x 15ft image size

Images/video for either projector are controlled via the VGA/cat 5 network from the lighting gallery using a laptop or similar device (not supplied)

Currently only one projector can be used at any time.

Note: the projected image for the Sanyo device is set for the stage area only.

A 54inch plasma full colour, HD quality screen is also available for image/video display on stage.

This is likewise controlled from the gallery via the VGA cat 5 network.



Soundcraft ES Desk


EV CP1800
XP 600
Promethean x 2 (one spare)

Output equip: 
Citronic USB1 CD deck x 2

Denon Mini – Disc Player

Denon CD Player
Denon Cassette Deck


Auditorium – EV Stage System 200 x 2
Backstage – EV RX112 x 2
Foyer – NuVo x 2
Bar – NuVo x 2

Sound Universe: 

Bar & Foyer

Can be run as all 3 or any combination of the 3 with separate outputs from desk.

Show Relay: 

Via separate amplifier from the stage to green roomUSB 2 Interface: Provides interface to sound “Q” list on sound gallery computer system plus inputs for USB equipment.


Hard wired XLR outputs to auditorium and back stage.
Extensive FX effects library

Sound on images/video to onstage screen/projector via USB pre-amp in the lighting gallery and laptop (note: laptop or similar device not provided)

Additional Facilities

The theatre also provides a VGA to Cat 5 network for the public screens in the bar area and foyer. These are driven from a computer in the lighting gallery giving publicity and event information.

CCTV for show, aisle entry, is provided in the foyer and in the lighting gallery.

Further details:

For technical information contact us via the Contact Us form.


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