Sexual Perversity In Chicago

by David Mamet

Tuesday 4th – Saturday 8th June 2019

Danny and Bernie balance their mundane office jobs with sexual banter, particularly their experiences and preferences in the bedroom. Likewise, Joan and Deborah frequently discuss the shortcomings of men while at their apartment.

The main plot point is Danny and Deborah’s relationship, perpetuating much of the dialogue about men and women. Their romance is quickly established by sexual attraction, but as the play progresses and Deborah moves into Danny’s apartment, they are unable to talk with each other seriously. Danny complains in frustration, “Everything’s fine. Sex, talk, life, everything. Until you want to get ‘closer’, to get ‘better’. Do you know what the fuck you want?”[2] Eventually, the couple breaks up while Danny and Bernie revert to their usual talk about “broads” and what is wrong with the world.

DIRECTOR: John Mabey

Tickets are £10 Concessions £9.00 (except Friday and Saturday.) Available from the Chelmsford Civic Theatre box office, by calling 01245 606505 or click HEREto book via the Chelmsford Theatres website.

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