Auditions: POSH by Laura Wade


30th August – 3rd September 2022, The Old Court Theatre.


In an oak-panelled room in Oxford, ten young bloods with cut-glass vowels and deep pockets are meeting, intent on restoring their right to rule. Members of an elite student dining society, the boys are bunkering down for a wild night of debauchery, decadence and bloody good wine. But this isn’t the last huzzah: they’re planning a takeover.

Welcome to the Riot Club.

Directed by Corinne Woodgate.


Auditions will be on Monday 20th and Wednesday 22nd June, 7.30pm at The Old Court Theatre.

Characters – The Riot Club:

Guy Bellingfield – Second-year Oxford student. A try-hard, wants to be voted in as president of the club. Playing age 18-35

George Balfour – Third-year Oxford student. Buffoonish, perhaps a little less refined than the others. Playing age 18-35

Toby Maitland – Third-year Oxford student. Has a point to prove and a reputation to reclaim. Playing age 18-35

James Leighton-Masters – Fourth-year Oxford student. President of the Riot Club. Playing age 18-35

Alistair Ryle – Second-year Oxford student. Arrogant, temperamental. Playing age 18-35

Hugo Fraser-Tyrwhitt – Fourth-year Oxford student. Academic, with very refined tastes. Playing age 18-35

Harry Villiers – Second-year Oxford student. Son of a Duke, athletic, a womaniser. Playing age 18-35

Miles Richards – First-year Oxford student. Trying to earn his place in the Riot Club. Playing age 18-35

Dimitri Mitropoulos – Second-year Oxford student. Flashy, also wants to be voted in as president. Playing age 18-35

Ed Montgomery – First-year Oxford student. First experience of a Riot Club dinner, trying to impress. Nervy. Playing age 18-35

Additional characters:

Jeremy – Guy’s godfather, and old school conservative peer. Stuffy, snooty, sly. Former member of the Riot Club. Playing age 40-65

Chris – Landlord of the Bull’s Head Inn, father of Rachel. Amenable, protective. Playing age 40-65

Rachel – Waitress at the Bull’s Head Inn, daughter of Chris. Intelligent. Playing age 18-30

Charlie – An escort. Strong-willed, ballsy. Playing age 20-40

If you have any questions about the auditions or the play, please email the Director Corinne at

These are open auditions so all are welcome!

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Note that in exceptional circumstances, it may be necessary for one or more characters to be assigned prior to auditions. There will always be advanced notice of this to avoid disappointment. Unless there is an exception clearly stated here, roles are not pre-determined.

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