4:48 Psychosis | by Sarah Kane

28th February – 4th March 2017   |   7.45pm

                       448_alex    448_esme

Sarah Kane’s exploration of psychosis is a fragmented tirade of frustration, fear and resignation. Kane’s last play, it’s an example of In Yer Face Theatre that has no defined characters or setting, little discernible plot and context. Yet, as a play it functions as a production centred around experience. Challenging, cerebral and uncompromising, 4.48 Psychosis is a very personal insight into the deterioration of someone’s mental health. The play has divided audiences, though arguably the rationale in interpreting this play is clear – challenge perception, take the perceived taboo of mental instability and examine it intricately. This play challenges actors and audiences alike in ways that few others can do.

Jesse James Lamb
Andy Poole
Nicholas Mayes
Paul Macklin
Alex Phillips
Esme Hollier
Rachel Curren
Louise Anne Porter
Directed by Richard Dawes

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