THIS WEEK: Handbagged | by Moira Buffini

Margaret Thatcher didn’t believe in society, The Queen had pledged to serve it.  As her Prime Minister, the Queen and Margaret Thatcher met weekly; how did they get on, did they clash? This play, first performed at the Tricycle and later in the West End  is a marvellously entertaining depiction of their relationship and their place in world events.   They look back on their time together and relive events.  Funny, touching, entertaining and thought provoking.

Q - Jane Smith
Liz - Laura Hill
T - Debbie Miles
Mags - Andrea Dalton
Actor 1 - Mark Preston
Actor 2 - Kevin Stemp
Directed by Lynne Foster

Director’s Note

“I saw this at the Tricycle when it was first produced in 2013 and immediately wanted to direct it.  I found it laugh out loud funny and absolutely loved it, but also realised that it would be a great challenge for  CTW.  I would need two actors who could portray Margaret Thatcher and two who could act as the Queen at different times of their lives.  Not necessarily looking like them, but able to do the accents and the subtle differences between the younger and older version of both.  I also needed 2 actors who could handle 16 other (male) roles, they have to  be able to make them all different and distinct and all the actors need to have a gift for comedy, for moving well and delivering the dialogue crisply and wringing all of the humour and the pathos, the wit and the underlying tension between the 2 women.

I really enjoy directing comedy, and this is a lovely, subtle, affecting piece.  Its not earth shattering or deep, just a jolly good yarn, looking back on events from the viewpoint of the protagonists.  I know that we have the actors at CTW that can handle this, although they will have to work hard at it I think its going to be a good night out, informative – and fun!”

Lynne Foster  |  Director

Tickets are £10 Concessions £9.00 (except Friday and Saturday.) Available from the Chelmsford Civic Theatre box office, by calling 01245 606505 or click HERE to book via the Chelmsford Theatres website.

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